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Girls weekend out

Saturday we had a girls day out with Grandma Sheryl, Juliann, Grandma Marilyn (Grandpa Rick tagged along) and Gram. It was a busy day!

We started at a cafe in Ogden where we like to go. This was AnnMarie's first time going in without her car seat and sitting in a high chair. She did great, and loved to be one of the girls. She did dump her baby food jar on the tile floor and it shattered, but the waiter was awesome and didn't make a fuss over it.
Then a shopping trip for easter dresses. AnnMarie let us know what she liked. She was in her stroller, and just loved being out and about. She reminded us that she is the center of attention (not the clothes) a couple times, but she did good. We would hold up dresses to her and she would either push them away or grab them and try to eat them (she picked out my easter dress). It was fun and she was exhausted when we went to lunch with Juliann. She finally calmed down and slept while we checked out Color Me Mine...i'm excited to go!

We went down to Bountiful and hung out with Gram and Grandma and Grandpa. Gram tried to give AnnMarie chocolate and i felt bad that I jumped on her, but it was almost in her mouth. Once again, she loved sitting up to the table with us. She got to hang out with Aunt Jodee and little and those two are becoming fast friends.
Finally we ended up at Grandma Sheryl's house Sunday evening to hang out with the family. Justin and Tyson are fishing so Tyler and Doug had to deal with all the girls. AnnMarie and Ali made their peace finally (until next time :) ) and she loved Aunt Keri. They cuddled and talked for quite a while.
Jett and Katie were so cute with AnnMarie. Jett was extra soft with her and kept rubbing her arm and showing her toys. Katie just wanted to share. AnnMarie was tuckered out and fell asleep and Katie was so disappointed that she wouldn't open her eyes and take a bite of the pretzel. It was lots of fun...the cousins are going to be great friends I think.

Tonight we are going to take it easy and try to catch up from not being home all weekend.


Happy St. Patricks Day

She is starting to like the camera now, it's not such a chore to get her to smile when she sees it. :)



Cute Girl

I love my lion Moscow!


Great Grandma Fry's Hat

Look how cute I am in my new hat Grandma Fry made me!!